What is the most effective marketing strategy?

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The answer as to what is the most effective marketing strategy will depend on your market, your industry, the types of products and services you provide and the way you provide them and, of course, your commercial goals.  

However, in our experience some of the most effective marketing strategies we are currently seeing (admittedly across a diverse range of sectors) include:

Providing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to educate your audience will attract, speak to and retain a clearly defined audience.

Blogging is of course one form of content, but it can be repurposed for a number of different initiatives including:

  • Editorial for third party publications and websites (this is particularly powerful as it’ll get you in front of a brand new audience, many of whom will never have heard of you before)
  • ‘Talking head’ videos
  • Infographics and motion graphics
  • Podcasts

The last three options are very effective marketing-wise as people now much prefer watching or listening to content than reading it.

If you are producing content it is essential it is optimised along with your web pages so you can rank as highly as you can in the search engine results for your key phrases and main search terms. A strong SEO strategy will increase organic (i.e. not paid for) traffic to your website.  

Social media is a great way to engage with different parts of your audience, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website.  

You will need to consistently create compelling new content to catch your audience’s eyes – particularly because social media is such a busy place – and educate and entertain them once you have their attention.

Email marketing is sometimes thought of as a thing of the past but executed well (strong content, strong design and a strong list), email will still generate leads, keep you front of mind and drive customers to specific products, pages and offers.  

Your challenge is to make our emails as personalised and targeted as you can so it stands out from the run of the mill messages that clog up all our inboxes.

Partnering with individuals of influence within your markets (and this is as applicable to B2B as it is to B2C) can significantly increase engagement, response, and purchase levels. 

Paid channels like Google Ads and the various social media ad options can help you reach hard to hit targets and drive traffic to your website and other online content.  PPC in particular can be hugely effective when well-targeted.

While these are all effective marketing strategies, they will neither maximise your results or sustain past levels of success unless they are constantly reviewed and refreshed.  Think of your marketing strategy like a music producer’s mixing desk.  It has multiple channels and to get the best sound you will need to turn some channels up and some down from time to time.

If you’d like to look at your current marketing tactics to help you find the most effective marketing strategy to make your marketing more effective and more productive, please get in touch by emailing us at [email protected].

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