With so much else to worry about during the working day “why is marketing important?” is likely to be a question you’ve heard more than once.  It’s also a question you’d probably prefer to avoid answering which is why you can call on us to provide all the marketing support you’ll need. 


The simple answer is marketing is important because:
  • Your market has never been as competitive
  • Your customers have never had so many choices
  • Your location has never been as irrelevant
  • You have never had so many ways to reach your customers  

But the good news is when you get your marketing right, all these factors will play into your hands.  

You will find your customers ahead of your competitors. 

You will be recognised as the best choice

You will reach potential buyers wherever they’re situated

You will be generating new leads and new sales across multiple channels.  

But to do that you need to have access to experts who understand every part of the marketing process from messaging to execution. 

If you feel you may be lacking the expertise you need in certain areas, outsourcing that part of the marketing mix to an experienced marketing consultant could be the most sensible (not to mention the most cost-effective) option.

What should I expect from a marketing consultant?

The simple answer is expertise.  Depending on your objectives that expertise will either be used to enhance your in-house capability with a more senior, more experienced marketer or to fill in any gaps with a specialist.

However, a marketing consultant offers much more.

Your marketing consultant will bring an external perspective that not only provides instant access to best practice and new ideas but also challenges ‘the way we’ve always done it’.  This new lease of life should prove the difference between success and major success.

Your marketing consultant will add a new level of flexibility.  Unlike a new full-time employee, you can use more or less of your consultant depending on your immediate needs.  This will deliver enormous cost benefits.

And the right marketing consultants will be more than individuals.  They’ll be a team so that you can mix and match the consultant you work with at any given time to the exact marketing requirements you have without having to seek out additional suppliers or wait for someone brand new to learn your business and your market from scratch.

What does a Marketing consultant do?

Our marketing consultants are all highly experienced professional marketers. 

They are on hand to help you improve your overall marketing efforts or specific marketing initiatives by dissecting what you want to do and creating practical, straightforward, effective marketing strategies that will achieve your desired outcomes.

The reason we can do this is we don’t just understand marketing, we understand exactly how it works in a range of sectors.  This means we build plans that immediately discount the stuff that wastes time and budget and utilises the stuff experience has taught us will work for you.

And once we’ve created your plan, we will remain on hand to help you execute your plan, constantly reviewing progress and success so we can keep tweaking your plan so it always achieves the best possible results.

Although what our marketing consultants do will vary from client to client, the areas we can support include:

  • Planning and strategy
  • Training and coaching
  • Social media
  • Video, animation and infographics
  • Digital campaigns
  • Content planning
  • Content marketing
  • Blogging
  • Article writing
  • Article placement
  • Podcasting
  • Webinars
  • Online events

Regardless of how you want to work with our marketing consultants, our promise is simple. 

We will make it all as simple as possible for you

Together we’ll work out what you want to achieve.  Then we’ll put together a plan that will achieve the desired results in the easiest way possible by combining the expertise of your existing marketing resources and the best qualified member of our team.