Who Is Your Neighbour?

Who Is Your Neighbour?

Brand Creation

Branding, Social Media Assets, Digital Design, Print Design

Who Is Your Neighbour? is a community-based organisation that provides a platform for free and open discussion on a range of subjects that are of concern to residents. Simdure were instructed to carry out a brand scoping session before commencing work on brand creation, which progressed to include the supply of various deliverables, such as a brand toolkit, social media assets and other marketing materials.

The Who Is Your Neighbour? brandmark is constructed from two opposing irregular shapes, which provide a visual representation of differing opinions or viewpoints, with the non-parallel angles of each shape creating visual tension, which is used to suggest the challenging nature of some conversations or topics.

The two shapes intersect to create an internal dynamic shape, that in contrast features angles that mirror one another and which serves as a visual reference to the space and platform for free and open discussion that Who Is Your Neighbour? provides.

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