Motion graphics
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build a more dynamic online presence, motion graphics and video support will definitely help. 

In this digital age, content isn’t king … visual content is king!  This is particularly true when you’re marketing a recruitment agency. 

You don’t need us to tell you your market is overcrowded but this is why your clients and candidates need a much stronger prompt as to why you (and not your competitors) are the best choice to fill the best roles with the best people.  You also need to get the reasons why you’re the best choice out there clearly, effectively, and instantly.

This means motion graphics and video are no longer an option, they’re a necessity.

At Simdure, we provide the complete range of motion graphics and video support.  We combine this with a genuine understanding of the very particular marketing demands of a recruitment firm, experience we have built up over years of working for recruiters.

different ways we can help you

Here are the different ways we can help you create a more attention grabbing and visually appealing way to attract a higher volume and higher quality of clients and candidates.

Elevating your brand with visual storytelling

Your brand is not just words; it is the feeling it creates, the reaction it provokes from your target market.  This means it needs to be communicated in more than words.

Our digital and creative teams will work with you to create captivating visual stories that capture your firm’s personality, what you stand for and how you will go that extra mile to find your clients the best candidates and your candidates the best roles.

Professional video production

Video is the most engaging medium in the digital world.  However, as it is a visual medium, it needs to look just right.  Shaky footage fighting through background noise doesn’t scream professionalism.  You need a look, feel and narrative that sets out exactly who you are so you are fully relatable when your audience watches your video and motion graphics.

We specialise in providing this professionalism through producing highly professional video content, content that not only informs but captivates your audience.

From interviews and soundbites from your directors and consultants to client and candidate testimonials to industry insights, our professionally produced and branded videos will tell your audience your story.

Eye-catching and engaging motion graphics

Motion graphics are your secret weapon for explaining complex concepts and data quickly and succinctly.

We design dynamic and engaging motion graphics that will catch your audience’s eye, articulate the benefits you want to convey and present everything in a genuinely engaging way to really bring your marketing messaging to life.

Moving/rolling/living/breathing recruitment campaigns

In this digital age, your recruitment campaigns must be more than text and images.  Whether your campaign is based on job postings or industry updates, your campaigns must come to life.

We do this by transforming your campaigns into your own unique animated stories.  These stories will attract your chosen audience’s attention and promote your firm’s unique value proposition in a way that resonates perfectly with both potential clients and candidates.

Client success stories in action

Showcasing your successes is probably your most powerful marketing.  Our video testimonials and case studies will package your successes in a way that persuades your target clients and candidates your team will give them the results they demand.

Make social media work harder for you

Social media is the perfect platform for visual content.  We will create videos, motion graphics and animations that tell your story and underline the impact you could have on their working lives.  This will give your LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and Instagram feeds a constant stream of fresh but visually appealing content that will push your audience in your direction.

Ongoing visual support

Your visual identity is an evolving asset.  We will remain by your side to ensure it develops in just the right way, providing ongoing support to keep your visual content fresh, relevant, and totally aligned with both your brand and current industry preferences and expectations so you always look your best.


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